In-Room dining

If you just don’t feel like leaving the luxurious warmth of your room, who could blame you? This is why we make in-room dining an option available 24-hours-a-day. With our extensive in-room dining menu we aim to satisfy everything from the pickiest of palates to the grandest of hungers. That’s not to say if the perfect thing isn’t listed, you’re out of luck. By all means, let us know and our chefs will do it your way. We also offer a large selection of award-winning wines from around the globe, and would be happy to recommend a perfect pairing to go with your meal. From romantic interludes and indoor picnics, to birthdays and anniversaries, our house is your house.


In-Room Dining

(970) 544-6280 (970) 544-6280


24 Hours-a-day
Overnight: 10 pm - 7 am

pancakes with syrup being poured on them pancakes with syrup being poured on them
7 AM - 11 AM
All Day
in-room dining menu at the little nell hotel in-room dining menu at the little nell hotel
11 AM - 9 PM
Dinner & After Hours
In Room Dining Entree Dinner Salmon In Room Dining Dinner Salmon
6 PM - 7 AM
Cocktails and Beverages
cocktails cocktails
11 AM - 10 PM
Mini Bar
a tray of mini bar items at the little nell hotel a tray of mini bar items at the little nell hotel
Pet Menu
pet lovers menu little nell pet lovers menu little nell aspen

Goodies Goodies Goodie

wine cellar
Wine Cellar Experiences
A reputation as rich as its cellar - now is your chance to experience a unique part of The Little Nell wine program. Enjoy a private cellar tasting or dinner, catered to your every need and hosted by one of our sommeliers.
Six guests of The Little Nell enjoy a bike ride through scenic Aspen in the summer.
summer events
Experience all that Aspen has to offer this summer. From cycling camps to culinary fests, indulge your senses in our curated summer events running until late September.
fall trees surrounding a river
Autumn Adventures
Cool temperatures, fewer people and vibrant fall foliage set the ideal atmosphere for an Autumn Adventure in Aspen! Cast your line into any of the Valley's Gold Medal Waters or elevate your perspective with an Off-Road Tour to the top of Aspen Mountain.

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